Lenovo W510 setup with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar

I have Linux, particularly Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Thar, installed on a Lenovo W510 laptop with 8Gib of RAM. Lenovo computers are usually very Linux friendly, with only a few minor quirks. The (Lenovo W510 was certified for Ubuntu 12.04.

I seek the best desktop experience, and that means the best video card/video driver configuration. In Linux, one has no choice to go NVIDIA cards and their proprietary drivers. My kids play Steam AAA games and would be the first to compare the computer with their friends if say it had an Intel graphic card for instance.

I freshly installed Ubuntu 14.04. Initially, my home directory was copied back from a backup, but after suffering of many problems, I created a new one to ensure that none of my previous hidden directories would contain settings that could be the cause of the multiple problems. Unfortunately, this was not the case and did not fix any of the bugs I am suffering.

Many of the bugs I suffer from are not hardware related. I do forgive Canonical when bugs are created by buggy BIOS or unsupported hardware. Canonical cannot be responsible for all the hardware that is out there and vendors need to fix their system and make them compatible with Linux. It shouldn't be that hard to do yet hardware vendors fail at this simple task.

Despite this, many bugs, mostly usability bugs, are somewhat in Canonical's court. These bugs (such as those Nautilus, the default folder manager, suffers from for example) should be addressed in a timely fashion.