Bluetooth file transfer broken

Ever tried to transfer files between your Ubuntu computer and your smartphone via Bluetooth only to get the following error message?

Error while copying “example.txt”.
There was an error copying the file into /home/test/
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Another operation in progress

This is caused because Bluetooth file transfer (ObexFTP) in Gnome is completely broken. You can read more about it in this blog: ObexFTP in GNOME

Sometimes you select "Browse files" and nothing happens. No error message, no file manager showing up. Just nothing.

Workaround: Use a USB cable. A normal consumer would not be happy with this, but could use this workaround.

Maybe an alternative is to use KDE. I am not sure if it uses a different library.

Open Android is open source. Can't the community just rip the Bluetooth code from that project and fix all related Gnu/Linux Bluetooth issues? Are there some licensing issues that prevents this?

Launchpad bug #1284308