This page is in perpetual change as I get valuable input from the community and bugs get fixed, new workarounds are found, etc...

Bluetooth file transfer

Bluetooth file transfer is simply not working in Ubuntu 14.04 and as far as I know, any other Linux distribution.

More details can be found on the bug report page for Broken bluetooth

PDF XFA forms

PDF XFA forms is a standard that allow the creation of interactive, fillable PDF forms. Currently (2015-04-07) there are no open source solution capable of rendering, never mind editing, these forms. This includes anything built on Poppler such as Evince, LibreOffice, or anything built on PDF.js such as the Google Chrome browser.

Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.5.5, the latest one created by Adobe before it abandoned the Linux platform, has some capability to render and allow the user to edit such forms. You may be able to find this software by searching on the net, but not on Adobe's website; I read that it was allowed to continue redistributing the software.

The Canadian Federal government emits all its editable PDF forms in XFA format. Thus no open source solution can make use of them. As of 2014-04-30, the last Acrobat Reader for Linux, version 9.5.5 (AdbeRdr9.5.5-1_i386linux_enu.deb), is able to edit the Canadian Federal forms.

I wonder how the Windows version of Acrobat Reader works under Wine.