Having enough with all Ubuntu 14.04 LTS bugs, I decided to try out Linux Mint 17.2.

The experience was short, simply because I never managed to get the NVIDIA proprietary drivers working under Linux Mint 17.2 with its default kernel 3.16, on my Lenovo W510 equipped with a Quadro FX 880M (which at 5 years old, is getting old apparently, only supported by the legacy drivers).

When running:

modprobe nvidia-340

I get the error:

No such device

I want 3D acceleration, so that was the main show stopper. After 3 hours trying all sort of solution on the web, including recompiling the module for the kernel, I failed to get it working. Thus I return to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

It is sad, because Linux Mint just looks perfect (well, except the underlying Ubuntu bugs). I believe that the Linux Mint Team really build a great desktop over the Gnome foundations.

Given more resources, I believe that the team could fix the underlying bugs of the OS as well such as broken Bluetooth transfer files, MTP transfer not working, Nautilus reported that my USB stick is read only when it is not and so many others you can read here.

I hope one day be able to really use it, once I have new hardware or if by chance, the proprietary drivers would work.