Until May 2015, I used to run Firefox under Linux. But enough is enough and I switch to Chrome. The reason is simple; Firefox is a CPU hog and was draining the battery of my laptop.

The CPU issue might be caused by some plugin I was using, but Firefox does not give me any tools to figure out which one. I do not run many plugins:

  • Image and Flash Blocker. Great to save bandwidth when tethering.
  • Cookie Controller. I used to prefer CookieSafe, but it was abandoned. Cookie Controller is not bad though.
  • HttpFox. When you work on the web, you need that one.
  • Show parent folder. Why isn't that integrated with Firefox?

Regarding the CPU usage, the behavior of Firefox would remain a mystery. It would be quiet and take only 2% of CPU. But after a suspend/resume cycle, it would take 87% of a core without any interaction from the user. The only way out is to quit it.

Also, Firefox does not support flash very well and flash is still present on many sites. It is not their fault and they cannot do much about it, but this is how it is and I need proper flash support.

I still prefer Firefox; for some reason, the plugins available for Firefox are more refined, more sophisticated and have more features. I cannot explain why. I also read that some authors could not port their Firefox plugin to Chrome simply because Chrome is missing some API to replicate the features.

I might return to Firefox the day it can run each tab in individual processes and I can finally find what causes all this CPU waste. But until then, I am using Chrome.

I do like Chrome's speed and efficiency. It is like having a free hardware upgrade.

I failed to find a recent bug report about this issue. It is as if I am the only one in the world suffering from this.